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The What, Why, and How of Powerful Project Charters

The What, Why, & How of Powerful Project Charters

Some project managers jump into their project execution with little stakeholder engagement and an insufficient understanding of the goals, deliverables, assumptions, and constraints. Another problem is a lack of understanding between the project manager and the project sponsor. These communication issues often lead to blown budgets and missed deadlines.

Start your projects with a solid foundation. Engage your stakeholders in the initiation process through the simple and powerful process of developing a project charter.

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The Purpose Driven Project Manager (FREE course)

Harry Hall tells you ten things successful project managers never tolerate, both in themselves and in their teams. Learn to develop and mature soft skills such as communication, influencing, decision making, cultural awareness, trust building, and coaching. Learn to get results and advance your career.

This is the companion course for Harry’s book–The Purpose Driven Project Manager. The book is recommended but not required to take the course.

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