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Over the last few years, I’ve created lots of free stuff. But there’s been one big problem — the stuff is spread out in different places on my website. I decided to create this page so you could find the FREE STUFF quickly.


Project Management Templates

Project Charter Template. Unfortunately, many people think of the project charter as an administrative hoop they must jump through to get their project approved. Therefore, many charters are written hastily with little thought. The charter provides a picture of where you are going, why you are going there, who will be impacted, top risks, and who is going to help you. Download the Project Charter Template.
Risk Management Plan Template. How will you and your team identify and evaluate risks? Who will be involved? How will you develop response plans? Which risks will you respond to? How often will you review your risks and seek to identify new risks? Download the Risk Management Plan Template.
Risk Register Template. Project managers constantly think about project risks — both threats and opportunities. It’s challenging to keep everything in your head. That’s why you need a risk register, a central repository to capture and maintain your risk information. Download the Risk Register Template.
Communications Plan Template. Ninety percent of a project manager’s job is communication. Are you thinking ahead about your audience, how you will communicate, how often, and the methods you will use? Download the Communications Plan Template.
Agenda Template. Studies often reveal that 50% of meetings are a waste of time. Why? One of the key reasons is due to poor planning. Meeting facilitators should define and distribute an agenda prior to the meetings. The agenda should include items such as meeting roles (e.g., facilitator and scribe), the purpose of the meeting, agenda items in the order you wish to cover, time allotted to each item, and who will present each item. Download the Agenda Template.
Meeting Minutes Template. People often make a major mistake in the creation of meeting minutes — they try to capture every word that is spoken. Minutes don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Simply include four things: Risk, Action Items, Issues, and Decisions. Download the Meeting Minutes Template.
Decision Register Template. How many times have you heard someone make a significant project decision but no one summarized and captured it? Later in the project, someone challenges the decision. Questions start to surface: Who made the decision? Did the decision maker have the authority to make the decision? What data or information was used to make the decision? Wise project managers have their antenna up, listening for important decisions. Once the decisions are made, validate and capture the decisions. Download the Decision Register Template.
Stakeholder Analysis Template. Projects often get into trouble not because of technical issues but because of people issues. Individuals, groups, and organizations may help or harm your efforts. Smart project managers identify, analyze, and plan for stakeholders early in their projects and regularly review and update their analysis and plans. This simple stakeholder analysis template allows you to capture stakeholders, level of power, level of influence, interest, and concerns. Download the Stakeholder Analysis Template.


Project Management Resource Guides

The Insider’s Guide to the PMP Exam. Project managers are busy people often managing multiple projects. The schedule outside of work is exhausting too. When do you find time to prepare for the PMP Exam? The secret? Using the right approach.

You already know this point as a project manager. When you use the right approach in your projects, you save time and achieve your project goals. When you use the right approach in preparing for the PMP Exam, you can save hours of my time and improve your chance for passing the exam the first time.

So I decided to write a simple, concise guide to provide project managers with tips and places to find helpful tools and resources. The guide is your PMP exam prep pdf. Download The Insider’s Guide to the PMP Exam.

How to Prepare for the PMI-RMP Exam. Passing the PMI-RMP exam is no easy task. In this simple ebook, I share the resources that helped me pass the exam the first time. You’ll learn what the exam covers, what to study in the PMBOK, PMI-RMP study resources, how to make the most of your study time, and how to create and leverage a study group. Download How to Prepare for the PMI-RMP Exam.

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