Tips for Staffing Project Teams

Question: I will be managing a large, complex project for my organization. What tips do you have for staffing project teams?

Answer: People more than anything will improve your chances for success. Consider these simple but powerful tips:

  1. Use better and fewer people. I like to keep the size of my teams no larger than eight people, even for large, complex projects.
  2. Focus on competency. Make sure you understand the necessary skills for the project. Find the individuals with the requisite skills.
  3. Focus on the chemistry of the team. Don’t fall for the temptation of staffing your team with a superstar that does not harmonize with your team. You are building a team; you are not looking for a group of individuals.
  4. Eliminate or replace problem team members as quickly as possible. Coach problem team members. If they don’t respond, replace them.

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