Welcome to the Smart Stakeholder Management Series

This series was completed on August 4, 2016.

I often blog on random project management topics. Occasionally, I write a series of articles on a common theme, as I did on The Principles of Project Risk Management, earlier this year.

I am excited to announce my second series — The Smart Stakeholder Management Series — smart changes that you can make today to dramatically improve your project results. For the next three weeks, I will publish articles, videos, and freebies on Monday through Thursdays.

The Smart Stakeholder Management Series


Colin.PhotoColin Gautrey from Learn to Influence and I will be contributing to this series. I am super pumped about having Colin helping me lead this series. Why? Because I don’t know anyone who has more knowledge and experience in the realm of stakeholder management and influencing than Colin.

Colin and I will be covering a lot of ground. Here’s a list of the articles we will provide:

  • Welcome to the Smart Stakeholder Management Series (Harry)
  • Four Reasons Why You Struggle to Engage Stakeholders (Colin)
  • How to Create and Use a Stakeholder Register (YouTube Video – Harry)
  • What Project Managers Need to Know About Stakeholder Management (Colin)
  • 10 Wonderful Ways to Make Your Stakeholders Happy (Harry)
  • Responding to Unrealistic Demands (Colin)
  • How to Turn Stakeholder Conflicts on its Head (Harry)
  • Colin Gautrey on Influence (YouTube Video – Colin)
  • 10 Beautiful Benefits to Stakeholder Management (Harry)
  • Guilty of Annoying Your Stakeholders (Colin)
  • Six Essential Requirements of an Influencing Strategy (Colin)
  • Wrap Up for the Smart Stakeholder Management Series (Harry)

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