Exam Series

The PMI-RMP® exam is challenging. We give you an introduction to the PMI-RMP® credential, walk you through the Practice Standard for Project Risk Management, and lead you through the PMI-RMP® Study Guide. Better preparation leads to better recall and passing the PMI-RMP® Exam.

Unleash the Power of Risk Management

Are you one of those project managers who want to obtain the PMI-RMP® credential, but you just don’t know where to start? Additionally, you’re so busy that you can’t find the time. I understand; I’ve been there myself.

As your Project Risk Coach, I’m here to help. I can’t do the work for you, but I can point you in the right direction and help you find the resources to make it easier.

That's why I created the PMI-RMP® Exam Series. You will discover exam tips, exam questions and answers, and risk management concepts and principles.

And the great thing is this: these courses will not only help you prepare for the exam, but you can actually apply what you learn to your projects!

PMI Pulse of the profession report

Clearly looking beyond the usual technical realm, project professionals say the most essential team skills are:

  1. Collaborative leadership
  2. Empathy for the voice of the customer
  3. Risk management
  4. Innovative mindset
  5. Methodology or framework governance

Source: Pulse of the Profession ® In-Depth Report: Tomorrow's Teams Today, PMI, 2020

They Say

Kathi Sonait

Past President, PMI Palmetto Chapter

Harry Hall was a speaker at our annual PMI Palmetto Symposium. His speaking style is personable, with relevant stories and actionable take-aways. Harry's topic of risk is well-presented and relevant to both the project manager and most business professionals. 

Alison Mills-Long

Past President, PMI Columbus, GA Chapter

Harry has led many workshops for the Columbus, GA PMI Chapter as he is one of the most requested facilitators. He is wonderful to work with in customizing workshops for our chapter members and always delivers a quality program. Harry has a wealth of knowledge and experience from which we all benefit in his workshops. 

Are you a member of a local PMI Chapter? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many Chapters are providing online speakers and training for their members. Let's explore the Project Risk Management Academy for your Chapter. It's all online!

About Me.

Some have asked me how I became a risk management professional. I wish I could say that I had some grand vision and a clear strategy early in my career. That’s not how it happened. Rather, I stumbled into risk management.

At one point in my career, I was managing an enterprise PMO and we were implementing new core systems. It was the largest, most expensive, and most risky endeavor this company had ever undertaken. Frankly, we were having problems. And I knew that we had to do a better job of managing our risks.

I dug deeper into Chapter 11 – Project Risk Management of the PMBOK® Guide. As we improved our risk management processes, things started to improve. It wasn’t perfect, but it was much better.

After we implemented the new core systems, my company decided to shut down the PMO. At the same time, they were implementing a new Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. When opportunity knocked, I was prepared to answer and landed the job.

I decided to strengthen my risk management knowledge and skills further with the PMI-RMP® credential. However, there were many obstacles in my path.

First, I was terribly busy and already felt like I was not spending enough time with my family. And second, I did not know where to start. What books should I study? How could I ensure that my study time was effective?

Yes, I passed! However, I spent too much time on certain topics and not enough time on others. If I had to do it again, I would have a different approach. One that would have resulted in greater confidence with less effort and time

A few years ago, I left the corporate world to train project managers and help project managers pass the PMI-RMP® exam. And equally important, I help project managers to apply their new found project management knowledge. Need some help? Join me in the PMI-RMP® Exam Series.

The Project Management Plan Checklist

Not sure of what to include in your project management plans? The PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN CHECKLIST will help you pick the right project baselines, subsidiary plans, and ancillary plans for your projects.