The Project Risk Management Academy

Unmanaged risks lead to troubled projects. The Project Risk Coach teaches project managers how to identify, analyze, and manage risks that result in thriving projects and a vibrant career.

Cat Herder or Project Manager?

How much are unmanaged risks costing you? How often do you feel like you are herding cats rather than getting actual results? How much time do you spend dealing with issues that seem to come out of nowhere? A lack of fundamental risk management skills may be costing you a great deal.

We meet project managers all the time with these problems. And we have the tools in the Project Risk Management Academy to help you overcome these obstacles and to help you advance in your project management career.

The Project Risk Management Academy


Take the first step toward achieving your project objectives more consistently.


Discover risk management tools and techniques that you can start using today!


Identify, analyze, and manage your risks resulting in successful projects and a better career.

PMI Pulse of the profession report

Clearly looking beyond the usual technical realm, project professionals say the most essential team skills are:

  1. Collaborative leadership
  2. Empathy for the voice of the customer
  3. Risk management
  4. Innovative mindset
  5. Methodology or framework governance

Source: Pulse of the Profession ® In-Depth Report: Tomorrow's Teams Today, PMI, 2020

They Say

Kathi Sonait

Past President, PMI Palmetto Chapter

Harry Hall was a speaker at our annual PMI Palmetto Symposium. Harry's speaking style is personable, with relevant stories and actionable take-aways. His topic of risk is well-presented and relevant to both the project manager and most business professionals. 

Alison Mills-Long

Past President, PMI Columbus, GA Chapter

Harry has led many workshops for the Columbus, GA PMI Chapter as he is one of the most requested facilitators. He is wonderful to work with in customizing workshops for our chapter members and always delivers a quality program. Harry has a wealth of knowledge and experience from which we all benefit in his workshops. 

Are you a member of a local PMI Chapter? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many Chapters are providing online speakers and training for their members. Let's explore the possibility of providing the Project Risk Management Academy to your Chapter. It's all online!

About Me.

I hear it all the time. "My projects are not aligned with my company's strategic plan. My requirements are ambiguous (and sometimes missing). Our vendors are always late. I'm assigned projects with unrealistic fixed time frames and limited budget. Furthermore, skilled resources are not available for my projects." 

Unmanaged risks lead to troubled projects. The Project Risk Coach teaches project managers how to identify, analyze, and manage risks that result in thriving projects and a vibrant career.

I am certified as a PMP, PMI-RMP, and ARM-E meaning I have lots of knowledge in project management and risk management. I have managed projects for more than 20 years. I’ve also served on the teaching faculty for the Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company, IKON Office Solutions, and General Electric.

When I’m not managing projects, analyzing risks, or training project managers, I enjoy traveling with my wife, playing guitar, walking my Yorkshire Terrier (Mr. Hobson), and gardening.

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You don't have to be confused about project management plans anymore

Every project is different. Therefore, we should only select the planning elements that are appropriate for each project. Here is a simple checklist to help you develop effective project management plans and reduce your risks.

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