The Purpose Driven Project Manager

This is a great time to manage projects. There have never been more opportunities for you to achieve your project goals and make an impact on your world.

If you are like most project managers today, you are overwhelmed with several projects and you have too little time to get it all done. As you struggle with project estimates, budgets, and risks, you engage with team members that bring their personal and professional issues into your world.

Your ability to influence and manage these individuals is essential to your success. Tolerance can be a great trait. However, project managers must be deliberate in what we will tolerate and what we will not tolerate. Project managers must not permit things that cause disorder, degradation, and uncertainty.

In this book -- The Purpose Driven Project Manager -- I share ten things project managers should never tolerate. The book includes tips, tools, and techniques that you can apply to achieve your project objectives and improve your success. This book is a practical go-to guide, offering useful and actionable advice for ten common project problems:

  1. Poor communication
  2. Burned-out team members
  3. Ineffective risk management
  4. A slack team member
  5. Team members that fail to own their gaps
  6. Poorly run meetings
  7. Individuals who cause division
  8. Mediocre quality
  9. Disrespect between the project manager and the project team
  10. Poor decision making

Don't miss opportunities to apply your interpersonal skills to improve your project success and advance your career.

eBook: Start Writing Your Project Charter Today

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