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Four Meeting Problems – Which Ones Do You Want to Overcome?

Friends, have you experienced any poorly run meetings lately? Although meetings are a fundamental tool for managing projects, many meetings fail to achieve results.

Let’s look at four common meeting problems: unclear purpose, topic hopping, indecision, and unclear direction.

Why Are We Here Concept

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1. Unclear Purpose. Far too often, people attend meetings with no idea of why the meeting was called. You can bet the meeting will wander aimlessly without clear objectives.

The meeting facilitator should specify the purpose in the agenda. For example: “To select requirements from the backlog for the next sprint.”

Start your meetings by stating the purpose of the meeting. For example: “The purpose of this meeting is to select requirements from the backlog for the next sprint.” Then review the agenda topics and ground rules. Ask if there are any questions or any additional agenda items.

These steps help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands the purpose, topics, and desired conduct.Continue reading