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Do you have questions about the application of project risk management or starting an ERM program or preparing for the PMI-RMP exam? Maybe you want to discuss presentation or workshop topics for an upcoming PMI Chapter meeting? Let's talk. Schedule a FREE 15-Minute Zoom Discovery call.

Jerry Johns

Senior Project Manager

"Harry led our program to replace our core systems. He brought deep knowledge of risk management, requirements management, and program management to our company. He led the development of our enterprise risk management program and integrated it with the inherent risks associated with a large, long term package replacement program. Harry always has a great attitude, is easy to work with, and freely shares knowledge and expertise to the team. I highly recommend him."

Harry Hall

Project Risk Coach


Individuals, organizations, and professional chapters have different needs. And we respond with a variety of offerings: 

  • Helping your members or employees gain knowledge about project, program, and enterprise risk management
  • Helping your members or employees gain specific skills (e.g., write risk statement or set up a risk register)
  • Transformation (e.g., obtain your PMI-RMP certification)
  • Do something for you (e.g., set up your risk management processes for a program)
  • Help you do something (e.g., work with you to jumpstart an Enterprise Risk Management program)

Here are some of the specific services that we offer. . .

  • Project risk coach presentation or workshop
    Are you looking for a presentation or workshop to help your members or employees to improve their risk management knowledge and skills? 
  • preparing for the pmi-rmp exam
    The PMI-RMP exam is challenging, but you can pass it on your first try. In this presentation, I provide an overview of the PMI-RMP, the necessary resources, how to complete your studies and save time, and how to earn the required contact hours.
  • setting up project risk management processes
    Need some help setting up your project or program risk management processes? I can guide you through the processes of developing risk management plans, identifying risks, evaluating risks qualitatively and quantitatively, developing and responding to risks, and monitoring risks.
  • jumpstart an enterprise risk management program
    Every organization manages risk, some better than others. How can organizations engage the right people, at the right time, and undertake the right risk management activities? How can organizations achieve their objectives and fulfill their mission? In this presentation, we will explore an enterprise risk management (ERM) framework that can help you plan and evaluate an ERM program, identify risks, evaluate risks, develop and implement risk response plans, and monitor risks.

What You’ll Get During This Free Discovery Call

Schedule a 30-minute initial consultation session. We will be connecting via Zoom so we can get to know each other and share screens if needed. The Zoom link will be issued at the time of scheduling. I am looking forward to connecting and exploring the possibilities of working with you!

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Please let me know what you need. For example, we can discuss preparation for the PMI-RMP exam, improving your application of risk management, or jumpstarting an enterprise risk management program. I'll come prepared.

What Happens During the Call

During the call, we will get to know one another and dive further into your specific needs.

What Changes After the Call

After the call, I will follow up with appropriate information that you've requested. Furthermore, we may conduct coaching calls.

About Harry Hall

Hi, my name is Harry Hall and I'm the guy behind the projectriskcoach.com website and the author of The Purpose Driven Project Manager. I’ve managed PMOs, programs, and projects for more than 20 years. And I’ve learned a thing or two in my career, things that could boost your projects and your career.

I've also helped many individuals to obtain their PMP® and PMI-RMP® credentials. Learn more about the Project Risk Coach.

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Do you have questions about the application of project risk management or starting an ERM program or preparing for the PMI-RMP exam? Let's talk. Schedule a FREE 15-Minute Zoom Discovery call.