The What, Why, & How of Powerful Project Charters

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Discover the exact, proven system to engage stakeholders, improve collaboration, and initiate projects. Welcome to the What, Why, & How of Powerful Project Charters! Includes my e-Book: Start Writing Your Project Charters Today. 

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Course Structure

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Discover who this course is for and the content of this course. We'll also take a look at the Course Map.

What Do You Want From This Course?

Let's spend a few minutes clarifying your personal goals for this course.


eBook: Start Writing Your Project Charter Today

In this lesson, download your copy of my e-Book entitled: Start Writing Your Project Charter Today. 


The Importance of the Project Charter 3 Lessons

Why is a Project Charter Needed?

If someone asked you why a project charter is needed, how would you reply? Discover 10 key benefits to project charters.

How to Use Project Charters

Let's explore how to use the project charter throughout the life of your project.

Why Project Managers Fail to Create Project Charters

In this lesson, discover reasons why some project managers (and sponsors) fail to develop project charters.


What is a Project Charter? 2 Lessons

The Project Charter

So, what is a project charter? In this lesson, we will explore the basic concepts of a project charter. 

How to Right-Size Project Charters

So, how do we know how much content to include in a project charter?


Why Project Stakeholders Are Critical 3 Lessons

How to Reduce Rework

One of the top contributing factors to rework is the lack of stakeholder engagement. Let's look at how to involve key stakeholders in the development of your charters.

How to Identify and Analyze Stakeholders

In this lesson, we will explore a stakeholder register and how to identify and analyze individuals, groups, and organizations who may be impacted by your project or may impact your project.

How to Engage Key Stakeholders

You've identified your stakeholders. Now, how do you engage them in order to get their input into the project charter?


How to Create a Project Charter 3 Lessons

Select the Project Sponsor and Project Manager

What is a project sponsor? What is a project manager? And who selects these individuals?

The Project Charter Recipe

So, where do we get the information needed to develop a project charter?

The Four Project Charter Checkpoints

Here are four checkpoints to ensure you've completed your project charters properly.


What to Include in a Project Charter 6 Lessons

Grab Your Copy of the Project Charter Template

Feel free to create your own project charter template. But if you like, you can download a copy of mine.

The Project Charter – Part 1

We will walk through 16 elements of the project charter. In this lesson, let's look at:

  • The Project Name
  • The Authority of the Project Sponsor and Project Manager
  • The Business Case
  • The Problem Statement

The Project Charter – Part 2

In this lesson, let's take a look at project goals. What are we trying to achieve in our projects? I'll teach you the secret sauce of writing clear goals every time.

The Project Charter – Part 3

In Part 3, let's look at the:

  • Deliverables
  • Assumptions
  • Constraints
  • Exclusions

The Project Charter – Part 4

In Part 4, let's look at the:

  • Summary Milestones
  • Summary Budget
  • Success Criteria

The Project Charter – Part 5

In Part 5, let's look at:

  • Overall Project Risks
  • Project Stakeholders
  • Project Team Members
  • Signatures

The Business Case Study 2 Lessons

The Business Case Study

In this lesson, I share a business case study. You will have an opportunity to develop a project charter for the business case.

Check Your Project Charter

Download a copy of my proposed project charter and compare it to yours.


Course Feedback 1 Lesson

How to Improve This Course

I've worked hard to make sure this course meets your needs. But, you may have thought of some other things you wish we had covered.

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