How to Actually Boost Your Team’s Performance


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Why is that one project team can vastly outperform another team although both teams have similar skills? Motivation. If you want to boost team’s performance, speak encouraging words consistently.

Each day presents opportunities for you to breathe life into your teams. Your teams are more than a group of zombies. They are human beings with emotions that want to make a difference in their world.

Here are ten words that can stir up your team members and help them to stay focused, remain committed, and jump the next hurdle.

1. Thank You.

Thomas has spent the last three weeks working overtime to meet a critical milestone for a project you are managing. He has a sincere desire to not only create the work product but to ensure that the deliverable meets the quality requirements.

How will you respond? Do you think to yourself, “I’m glad Thomas is doing what he gets paid for?”

Or will you recognize the hard work by saying thank you? It doesn’t have to be costly or even require a lot of time. You must simply be aware of your team member’s efforts, look them in the eyes, and let each one know that you are grateful. 

2. I Trust You.

Trust is necessary for all healthy relationships whether it be marriage, business relationships, friendships, or project teams. Without it, you are not likely to get things done. But how do we develop trust?

One way is by giving trust. That is to say, we must entrust our team members. Good project managers assign activities to individuals, provide the appropriate tools, and get out of the way.

But you say, “What if the individual fails to deliver?” Coach them and support them. Give them your trust and an opportunity to show that they are trustworthy.

3. Yes, You Can Do It.

You and your team have been given a challenging deadline. Everyone from the President to the Mailroom Clerk is watching you. How will you lead?

The truth is, your team members are not sure they are up to the task. Some have publicly expressed concerns about the deadline. How can you bolster their confidence?

Start by asking, “What are your concerns? How can I help you? What do you need in order to complete your activities on time?” Listen carefully to their answers.

Support your team members by providing the required tools, coaching, and support. When individuals make progress, publicly express your appreciation. And regularly tell them — yes, you can do it.

Be Intentional

These ten words can be spoken by any project manager. It’s simply a matter of being intentional. Always remember that success does not start with external behavior. It starts with the heart of individuals and your team. The greatest leaders throughout history have inspired and encouraged others by speaking these important words. How about you?

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