More Project Meeting Tips

I created a discussion concerning meeting tips on LinkedIn. More than 200 people “Liked” the post and more than 100 people made comments.

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I summarized some of the tips and suggestions into a checklist below. While you are not likely to perform all these tips at once, I hope the list aids you in improving the effectiveness and value of your meetings.

  • Add an agenda item entitled “Any Other Business” to allow participants to share other items at the end of the meeting
  • Adjourn the meeting when the agenda is complete and do not linger
  • Adjourn the meeting early enough to allow participants to arrive at their next meeting on time
  • Ask for agenda items in advance of creating the agenda
  • Ask participants to mute mobile devices
  • Assign seating and place the difficult people near you (allows for greater visual focus and control)
  • Ask if the meeting achieved the purpose at the end of the meeting
  • Circulate agenda prior to the meeting and ask for confirmation
  • Deliver the orientation of the meeting in a rapid and direct manner to set the pace of the meeting
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your meetings
  • Organize your thoughts before the meeting
  • Introduce new team members
  • Invite only the needed people
  • Send the project status report the day before project meetings and ask team members to review before your meeting
  • Start a 15 minute daily stand up
  • Stop allowing the meeting to be a place to “raise a subject from the dead”
  • Stop going back over what was discussed when latecomers show up
  • Stop unnecessary meetings
  • Use an internal blog for collaboration (may eliminate need for some meetings)
  • Use an off-topic bell (anyone at any time can ring the bell if the participants get off topic)

I learned a lot from this collaboration. I hope these tips are helpful to you too.

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