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Are you aware that the Project Management Institute (PMI) is updating the PMI-RMP exam? The new exam will start in April 2022. PMI offers candidates the opportunity to take a pilot exam before the real thing is rolled out. Let's look at the PMI-RMP Pilot Exam process, what's different in the exam, the Pilot Exam Content Outline, and how to apply.

PMI-RMP Pilot Exam

If you like, you can take the pilot exam in December, 2021. Why might one wish to take the pilot exam?

First, you would be one of the first people to see the new exam. Second, you will receive a 50% rebate (approximately 6 weeks after the close of the pilot). Third, you get one re-take if you don't pass your first try.

Be aware that candidates will not receive their scores automatically. Rather, your score will be provided 1-2 months after the exam. Also, the pilot exam will only be available in English.

What's Different in the New PMI-RMP Exam?

If you review the Reference Materials in the PMI-RMP Pilot Content Outline, you will see that PMI refers us to two resources (among others):

  • PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition
  • The Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs, and Projects (2019)

Therefore, expect to see risk management questions for portfolios and programs, as well as projects. Moreover, the exam is being updated with terms and concepts that are in alignment with the PMBOK® Guide and the new Risk Standard. The exam contains new multiple select questions. Finally, the exam will include questions about project lifecycles–predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches.

New Domains

Pilot ECO (October 2021)

Former Domains

ECO (August 2021)

Risk Strategy and Planning

Risk Strategy and Planning

Risk Identification

Stakeholder Engagement

Risk Analysis

Risk Process Facilitation

Risk Response

Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor and Close Risks

Perform Specialized Risk Analysis

Here's the PMI-RMP Pilot Exam Content Outline

PMI has published the PMI-RMP Pilot Exam Content Outline and Specifications (October 2021). The new ECO includes:

  • Exam Content Outline
  • Domains, Tasks and Enablers
  • PMI-RMP Application Process and Eligibility
  • PMI-RMP Examination Information
  • Reference Materials

How to Apply for the PMI-RMP Pilot Exam

PMI started accepting candidates for the pilot exam on October 6, 2021. The pilot exam will only be available in December 2021.

Here is how to apply for the pilot exam:

  1. Go to the upper right of the PMI-RMP page (under video). Click on "Apply for PMI-RMP Certification". Once approved, follow the steps below.
  2. Log into MyPMI and go to your Dashboard to find your PMI-RMP Certification. Click on "Pay for Exam". Select the "PMI-RMP Pilot Exam" and continue to checkout and order placement.
  3. Return to your Dashboard and find your PMI-RMP Certification. Click on "Schedule Exam" and select whether you wish to take the exam at home or at a test center. Select the date and time in December 2021 and schedule your exam.

Reference for this article: PMI-RMP® Exam Updates

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