Seven Project Management Influencers to Watch


If you had to pick a few people who are helping you grow and mature as a project manager, who would those people be? Perhaps these individuals are influencing you through a blog, online videos, online courses, or books. Grab a cup of coffee as I share seven influencers that I follow.


1. Susanne Madsen

From the UK, Susanne Madsen is an internationally recognized project leadership coach, trainer, and consultant. She is the author of The Project Management Coaching Workbook and The Power of Project Leadership. Her focus is helping you become a confident leader, able to inspire, motivate, and deliver value.

In addition to her books, Susanne provides great articles on her website. She shares her knowledge through videos on her Susanne Madsen YouTube Channel. Susanne also actively shares her knowledge on Twitter @SusanneMadsen.

2. Elizabeth Harrin

Elizabeth Harrin is the creator of A Girl’s Guide to Project Management which she started in 2006. When I first discovered her website, I quickly found out that her articles and resources are great for guys too!

I am impressed with the amount and quality of content that Elizabeth provides through her articles, videos, the Girls Guide to PM Facebook Community, Twitter—@girlsguidetopm, and books. She also features guest posts on her website. Elizabeth also lives in the UK.

3. Kiron Bondale

Read one of Kiron’s blog articles from his blog—Easy in theory, difficult in practice, and you will see that he knows his stuff. He provides insights and practical tips on ways to improve your project management.

One of the things I appreciate most about Kiron is his LinkedIn engagement. He consistently shares LinkedIn posts, tips, and responds to other LinkedIn comments. His comments are professional, informative, and spot-on.

Another thing I appreciate about Kiron is that he not only is a Project Management Professional (PMP), he is certified as a Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP), along with other certifications. His perspective on project and risk management is balanced and practical. Kiron lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

4. Cornelius Fichtner

While Cornelius is a native of Switzerland and has lived in Germany, he now resides in California. His passions are Agile, project management methodologies, and PMOs.

Cornelius provides many resources for helping project managers prepare for the PMP PMI-ACP, and CAPM exams. I listen to his podcast—Project Management Podcast often when I’m on the run. He does a great job of facilitating discussions with project managers from around the world.

5. Bill Dow

Bill Dow is an author, an Adjunct Professor at Bellevue College in Washington State, and a Senior Program Manager (Agile Product Owner) for Microsoft. He also has his own publishing company—Dow Publishing, LLC. If you are starting a PMO or you are managing an existing PMO, check out Bill’s book The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running, and Shutting Down. He has built six Project Management Offices.

6. Dave Gordon

Looking for a place to get lots of great IT project management advice in one place? Check out Dave Gordon’s website—The Practicing IT Project Manager. Rarely have I ever seen an individual who consistently gathers and shares so many project management articles in an easy-to-digest format. Also, check out Dave’s book—The Data Conversion Cycle—if you want to learn more about migrating transactions and records for system implementation teams. Dave resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

7. Jennifer Bridges

Jennifer Bridges is the Founder of and specializes in project management and leadership development.  She teaches project management principles with keynotes, seminars, workshops, roundtable discussions, and online videos.

Check out Jennifer’s YouTube Channel—Project Management Videos. You will find a treasure trove of short whiteboard videos covering a wide range of project management topics. The content is stellar and her style of delivery is exceptional. Jennifer lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Wrap Up

These are not the only individuals that I follow. Perhaps I’ll do a follow-up article highlighting others. I am grateful for these leaders and their influence in the world of project management. I hope that you will subscribe to some of these resources and obtain the ongoing benefits.

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