Hi there. Harry here.

Many of you know that I decided to shut down the Project Risk Coach website (yes, the one you are on now). Why? To better support a family member with health issues.

I was blown away by the response. Many of you thanked me for the past content and wished me well. And several asked if there was any way to keep the site up, even if I contributed less frequently.

After much consideration, I will keep the site up! My hosting company–LimeCuda–has been very supportive in the process. These guys are simply the best!

At your request, I will keep the Project Risk Coach website up!

I'd also like to thank my twin brother Charles Hall (CPA Hall Talk) who has encouraged and supported me.



P.S. Got questions? Email me at hhall@projectriskcoach.com.

How often will you add blog articles?

I am taking this situation a day at a time. Some weeks, I have plenty of time. As things improve, I will post more consistently. I will also use more Guest posts. I only use Guest posts from individuals that I know. 


What about your YouTube Channel?

I remain active on my YouTube Channel. I have lots of videos that I've created in the past that I'm posting now.


Are you available to speak?

Yes, I am speaking and training using online tools such as Zoom Meetings and Ecamm Live. Let's talk about your needs. Learn more.


What about your Project Risk Management tips email?

Again, I'm doing what I can. Right now, I am sending the tips email every other week. If you are not on my email list, subscribe here.