The Project Risk Management Academy

Unmanaged risks can result in challenged and failed projects. How? Spending excessive time on project issues. Team members that fail to complete their assigned activities. Falling behind schedule and over budget. Discover risk management principles and methods to increase opportunities and decrease threats. Useful in enterprise, portfolio, program, and project risk management. Earn 8 PDUs.

Apply the Principles. Advance Your Career!
The Project Risk Management Academy

Come and learn:

How to plan your risk management approach

How to identify project risks

How to evaluate project risks qualitatively and quantitatively

How to develop effective risk response plans

How to implement risk response plans

How to monitor project risks

. . . and so much more!

Plus you'll learn it all LIVE in a friendly community group!

“For organizations that apply a formal risk management approach, 73% of projects meet their objectives, 61% finish on time, and 64% are completed within the approved budget.” —PMI Pulse of the Profession

Here’s What the Academy Includes

Daily Videos

You will receive daily videos during the Academy (over 30 videos). You'll learn about project risk management fundamentals, how to identify and evaluate risks, how to develop and implement risk response plans, and how to monitor risks.

Daily Live Steam Overviews

You will have direct access to me. In the daily overviews, I will provide an overview, answer your questions, and give you a daily challenge. Plus, you'll see how others are applying risk management. 

Target Audience

  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Operational Risk Managers
  • Anyone who wishes to learn and apply risk management
  • Anyone working toward their PMP or PMI-RMP certifications

The Project Risk Management Academy

Practical, actionable strategies, helping you reach more of your true potential


Day 1: Project Risk Management Terms & Concepts

We start with the basics, What is risk and risk management? What is the relationship between project objectives and risks? Additionally, we look at the what, why, and how of stakeholder engagement.


Day 2: How to Create a Risk Management Plan

In day two, we will discuss the benefits of risk management plans, how to develop these plans, and what to include. Bonus: Free risk management plan template.


Day 3: How to Identify Project Risks

Think about it. You can't manage risks until you identify them. In day three, we look at seven ways to identify project risks, how to create a risk register, what is a risk owner, overall project risk, and how to write clear risk statements.


Day 4: How to Evaluate Project Risks

So, we've identify our risks. What's next? We need to evaluate the risks. Which ones matter most? In day four, we explore qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. After this day, you'll be in a stronger position to prioritize your risks.


Day 5: How to Develop & Implement Risk Response Plans | How to Monitor Project Risks

Our final day is packed with tips on how to increase opportunities and decrease threats. Who creates the risk response plans? When should the risk response plans be created and implemented? Plus, we will dive into monitoring risks. Why do we monitor risks? How do we monitor risks? Bonus: The Risk Monitoring Checklist.

About The Teacher,
Harry Hall, PMP, PMI-RMP, ARM-E

Harry Hall is the guy behind He is a speaker, teacher, author, and blogger. He graduated from the University of Georgia and is a certified PMP®, PMI-RMP®. In his free time, Harry enjoys playing guitar, gardening, reading, running, and teaching others how to speak Southern.

Harry Hall

Harry Hall, Project Risk Coach

The Project Risk Management Academy

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