Project Risk Management Webinars

Every project manager is a risk manager, some better than others. In this webinar series, let's:

  • Explore project risk management
  • Develop risk management plans
  • Discuss seven ways to identify project risks
  • Create risk registers

What is Project Risk Management?

Project risk management includes the development of risk management plans, identifying risks, evaluating risks, developing and implementing response plans, as well as monitoring risks.

  • Why Risk Management Matters
  • What is Project Management?
  • What is Project Risk Management

Creating Risk Management Plans

Are you clear about your approach to risk management? Do your team members understand how they will be engaged?

  • Ingredients for a Powerful Risk Management Plan
  • What is a Risk Management Plan?
  • What to Include in a Risk Management Plan

7 Ways to Identify Project Risks

Risks cannot be managed until the risks are first identified. And it's best to use a combination of risk identification techniques.

  • When to Identify Risks
  • How to Identify Risks
  • Creating Risk Registers

Are you interested in boosting your organization's risk management skills?

Are you a member of a local PMI Chapter or a PMO? Looking for a virtual risk management presentation? You may also be interested in the Project Risk Management Academy. Let's talk.