Hi Friend. I'm Harry Hall,  the Project Risk Coach. I've developed this website to help you identify, evaluate, respond to, and monitor project risks. Here you will find tools, resource guides, online courses, and articles aimed at one thing—helping you improve your risk management skills.

How Can I Help You?

Top Articles and Tools

I've written hundreds of articles since I started my blog in 2012, written primarily for practicing project managers in the United States. Here are my top risk management articles that people tell me that have helped them most. And, here are project management templates to give you a quick start in your projects. You will also find resource guides to prepare you for the PMP and PMI-RMP exams.

Online Project Management Courses

Want to obtain project risk management training and PDUs without wasting time and money on travel? Take your project risk management training from the comfort of your home. 

Here's what students have said about the Project Risk Coach courses:

Highly recommend this course…it’s simple and to the point. No fluff – just “how to.” Use it as a guide for your team – so they can start (and complete) a project fast. –Learning Learning

Excellent delivery and materials. Simple yet complete. –Tom Miller

The instructor clearly states what he is going to cover and then covers it in just the right amount of detail. –James Smith

The PMI-RMP® for Project Managers

One of the best things I ever did was to obtain my PMI-RMP®. Why? Well, it lead to great career advancements. For years, I served as a project manager. Eventually, I implemented some Project Management Offices (PMOs). And later, I implemented Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Offices for two insurance companies. Having achieved my PMP® and PMI-RMP® positioned me for this natural progression.

Today, I have the pleasure of helping other project managers pass their PMI-RMP® exam. The reason I enjoy supporting project managers toward this credential is two-fold. First, I know from personal experience how much it helped me become a better project manager. Second, the PMI-RMP opened doors for me that would not have been available otherwise. Therefore, I've created the PMI-RMP® for Project Managers. You will find many resources to help you prepare for the exam as well as make practical application of project risk management.

How to Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

If you are like most project managers that I've worked with, you have good technical skills. You know how to develop project schedules and put together project budgets. But perhaps you struggle with the soft side of project management, things such as leadership, communication, conflict management, and decision making.

In my book–The Purpose Driven Project Manager, I share tips, tools, and techniques that you can apply to achieve your project objectives and improve your success. This book is a practical go-to guide, offering useful and actionable advice for common project problems. Click here to grab the Kindle version.

Daniel Robbins

The Purpose Driven Project Manager

There has been an increasing risk for today's project managers in delivering quality results on time and on budget. This book is a very valuable resource that has "Quick Improvement" concepts to deliver immediate help in all the categories of a project. The author is magnificent in presenting the concepts clearly making it a "must read" for project managers and yes, for risk managers too that will be much more enlightened to the pitfalls of a poorly run project. 

I tell you ten things successful project managers never tolerate, both in themselves and in their teams. Learn to develop and mature soft skills such as communication, influencing, decision making, cultural awareness, trust building, and coaching. Learn to get results and advance your career.

My Journey: From Quasi-Project Manager to Full-Time Project Manager and Risk Manager

In the late nineties, I was the Assistant Director of IT for a large insurance company. As I worked on improving the software development lifecycle, I started reading about project management and became a quasi-project manager.

The more I read, the more I felt a calling to project management as a career. I left my IT management position to become a full-time project manager for another company.

Since then, my project management career has included:

  • Managing hundreds of projects in the financial industry, healthcare industry, and agriculture
  • Implementing and managing an IT PMO
  • Implementing and managing an Enterprise PMO
  • Teaching project managers in different parts of the world
  • Helping project managers prepare for their PMP and PMI-RMP exams

I am a Project Management Professional (PMP)® and Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®. I have my Associate in Risk Management–Enterprise Risk Management (ARM-E).

Through the years, I've had to deal with many of the issues you've had to deal with such as sponsor's unrealistic expectations, poorly defined requirements, and team members who fail to complete their activities.

In 2012, I started blogging about the things that I've discovered through the school of hard knocks. My aim has been to provide:

  • Instruction on how to identify, evaluate, respond to, and control project risks
  • A safe community where project managers can discuss risk-related issues
  • Tips, tools, and techniques to help project managers achieve their project goals in less time
  • Courses and materials to help project managers prepare for the PMP and PMI-RMP exams

In 2016, I left my corporate position as the Director of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to help more project managers and to provide consulting services. I recently worked with a property and casualty insurance company to help them mature their ERM program. I was also the Program Manager for a program aimed at replacing the core insurance policy, claims, and billing systems. I had a blast!

My wife Sherri and I live in Macon, Georgia which is about one hour south of Atlanta, Georgia. Our children Austin and Macy have graduated from my alma mater, the University of Georgia in Athens, where they live and work. Go Dawgs! :)

I enjoy teaching, coaching, and helping project managers. But life is more than work. I enjoy taking trips with my wonderful wife, golf, fishing, hunting, gardening, guitar, and teaching others how to speak Southern. I am a Christ follower and I'm actively engaged at Ingleside Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia.

Soli Deo gloria.

Harry Hall | Project Risk Coach

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