Each project has a beginning and an end. And what do we want at the end? Another WIN!

But there's the murky middle...you know where risks come into play. Things are working against you. Additionally, there are great upside events and conditions that are right in front of you!

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Here's the question – have you identified the threats and opportunities? Do you have a game plan? If things don't go according to plan, do you know how you will respond?

Well, I make project risk management easy to understand and practical to apply, putting project managers in the driver's seat. Whether you are managing home improvement projects or multi-million dollar corporate projects, I'm here to help.

Learn how to deliver your projects faster, cheaper, and better. How?

We'll discuss how to plan for risk management, identify risks, evaluate risks, develop and implement risk response plans, and monitor risks. All of this with the aim to DELIVER VALUE to your users and customers.

About Me

Let me give you a little background on who I am and what I do.

My name is Harry Hall and I'm the guy behind the projectriskcoach.com and the author of The Purpose Driven Project Manager. I'm an American living in Macon, Georgia (about one hour south of Atlanta, Georgia). I am married to Sherri and we have one son and one daughter.

I teach through multiple channels including online courses, workshops, and speaking engagements. Learn more.

I’ve had the privilege to speak and conduct project management workshops at numerous PMI Chapters including the PMI Columbus Chapter, PMI Chattanooga Chapter, PMI Palmetto Chapter, and the PMI Central Mississippi Chapter.

My primary focus is to help practicing project managers in the United States, especially those working in the financial services industry (where I’ve worked for more than 15 years).

My Blog

I’ve been blogging since January 2012. I started a blog now called the Project Risk Coach to share project management tips, tools, and techniques. I emphasize the integration of risk management in the day-to-day activities of project management with a direct focus on achieving project objectives.

Sample Posts

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Thanks for visiting my about page. If you’ve not already, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter so we can interact there. I’m also active on other social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn and YouTube. You may email me at hhall@projectriskcoach.com.

Soli Deo gloria.